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My Back Story

My love for both icons and collage began in Denver, where worked in Security at the Denver Art Museum. I also went to art school, worked in advertising and was employed in the performing arts while in Denver. But the art museum is where my eyes opened wide. . .

That was where I was first introduced to bright, spiritual Mexican folk art. Things like house shrines, grave shrines and shadow boxes. These engaging pieces, created from a hodge-podge of found materials and bold colors (like cut tin, bottle caps, paper-maché dolls) were built in love, worship and respect to the Divine and lost loved ones. I was fascinated by the evidence of faith in the Divine as seen through conceptual art. I couldn’t stop looking at it. Amazing!

Mexican folk art influenced my plunge into sophisticated icon drawing (the technical term for painting icons) and playful collage. Both art forms use layers of material, mixed media and spatial order to create a sense of wonder.

I have grown to respect icon drawing and collage, as art forms, side by side. And not only do I respect the art as I create it, I think about and respect the unique person who will receive it.

I hope my art finds a place in your heart. I'm glad you found your way here.

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