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Icon Drawing


Early on in my art career, I was intrigued by Mexican-style folk art. My first “icons” were actually mixed media pieces. I used cut tin, bottle caps, cut paper, paint and other lively mediums to build up images of Jesus and Mary.

“Build up” is a good way of describing icon drawing painting. The icons, or portraits, are created with several thin layers of paint over a base color. Sometimes this will be five, six, seven layers of the same color, built up to a desired tone. The layers of paint carry light and depth to the forefront of the painting. They push light to the front of the image, in highlights that draw viewers into its space. But, it’s not only looking at icons that draws me into a divine space. So does painting them.

Not only do I ponder the traditional method of "drawing" icons when I paint them. I also think about the people they represent. What kind of life did this person lead? What was his purpose? What was her relationship with the Creator? What did these people suffer in order to live the lives they were made for?

Icon drawing takes patience and persistence. On many levels, it presents a growth process, just like life. And with growth and challenge comes development. I become a better version of myself by experiencing the creative process of icon painting.

I hope my icons take you to a new level of wonder or awareness, into a divine space, where happiness and peace are found.

"You do a beautiful job." - Lynn Wilkus; Lino Lakes, MN

"So perfect! He loves it!!" - Melisa Devine; River Falls, WI
The Holy Face
The Saviour_close crop
5x5 with metal frame.jpg
The Saviour_framed
"Beautiful talent with a beautiful message." - Cheryl Thompson; Mandan, ND

"Beautiful. Peaceful." - Elizabeth Munoz-Hamilton; Gallup, NM
Cropped best.jpg
Mary and Jesus wall frame
Saint John icon
Guardian Angel.jpg

Other icons available by request.

Contact me for:

Archangel Michael, Head of the Celestial Armies

The Mother of God Enthroned

Saint Paul

Saint George

Available sizes:

8" x 8"

8" x 10"

11" x 14"

Other sizes available upon request.

Payment plans available for commissions.

Icon Commissions - Easier than you think!

Icons will usually be created on commission, resulting in a unique original specifically made for your personal space. 

Starting with our first contact, I'll walk you through the commission process. Together we'll figure out what you're looking for. You talk and I'll listen! Once we agree on a subject, a timeline and price, my work begins.

Each piece will have a 15-day return policy. If you decide to return it, you will pay the shipping cost.

Each icon will be painted on professional-grade gesso board with gold leaf and can be presented with or without a frame. A polymer satin varnish overcoat will be added to protect your art from UV light.

Contact me about a piece inspired by you and created for your personal space.

A look into the icon drawing process
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