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Collage Art


Collage is a unique art form. It’s a fusion of unrelated elements that results in a comprehensive emotion or visual story. As with icons, it is Mexican-style folk art that inspires my love for collage. Also, I'm influenced by the great collagists such as Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch and Joseph Cornell.

In creating these original works, I use a variety of mediums, from wood to yarn to cut tin and spray paint. From cut paper to magazine clippings to original drawings. There’s no beginning and no end to what can be used in a collage!

Mixed media collage
7.25" x 7.75", unframed
Ruby Red
Collage on illustration
8.25" x 12", unframed
My Soul Waits
Photograph and cut paper
4.75" x 10" (framed 11" x 19.5")
Collage on monoprint
8.5" x 11", unframed
PDA: Public Display of Affection
Collage, montage, unframed
8.75" x 10.5"
Pi: Gateway to Heaven
Mixed media collage
20" x 20" (framed in hardwood 30.5" x 30.5")
Mixed media collage on monoprint
6" x 10.25", unframed
Every Knee, Every Tongue
Mixed media over watercolor,
7" x 9.5", unframed
Sacred Space
Mixed media on wood cutout,
19" diameter (framed in hardwood, 28" x 28")
Them Dry Bones
Mixed Media collage,
5" x 8.5" (framed 11.5" x 13.5")
God's Heart
Mixed media collage,
13" x 19" (framed in textured silver-tone, 25.25" x 32")
The Conversation
Mixed media collage,
5" x 6", unframed
All Seeing
Mixed media collage,
12" x 14", unframed
6 cents
Collage, montage
6" x 6", unframed
Yellow & Blue
Mixed media and ink,
8" x 6.5", unframed
Treeline over St. Charles
Mixed media collage on paper, unframed
14.75" x 11"
Joan d'Arc
Original watercolor and cut paper
13" x 17" (framed in textured gray 22" x 23")
Peter's World
Mixed media collage and ink on illustration board
4.5" x 11", unframed
Joy (Chara)
Mixed media collage on monoprint,
9" x 12", unframed
5" x 8", unframed
Two Faces of Eve
Photomontage on monoprint,
11.25" x 15", unframed
"Layered beauty." - Alice Ellis; Ashland, WI

"I have always appreciated your cool sense of art style." - Austin Ross; Pueblo, CO

When I create a collage, I move through five phases of my artistic process: Emotion, saturation, incubation, production and evaluation. Initially, my thoughts for a piece are emotional. I am inspired by a message and a concept. After the first phase, I move into saturation mode, which is where I explore the feelings I hope to communicate with the collage. Next is the incubation period. This can be a lengthier amount of time, because I keep the concept in the back of my mind while waiting for strong elements to identify themselves. These are ultimately the elements I most want to include in the collage. Once I have that breakthrough, I move into production, which can be a rather quick phase, unless obstacles come up. (And obstacles do come up. So I remain flexible during production, but not to the point of compromising my message.) Finally, after completing a collage, I can evaluate it, which often leads to personal reflection and new ideas.


You may come across one that speaks to you and you see the visual story I imagined while creating it.

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